Micro/nanoscaleing thermal sensors and systems

Research Micro/nanoscaleing thermal sensors and systems

Measurement of thermal diffusivity of metal thin films by photothermal mirage technique

The thermal diffusivity of thin films is important for microstructures that experience heat transfer. In particular, the thermal diffusivity of a thin film depends on the thin-film manufacturing process and complex microstructures. Therefore there is a strong need for a non-destructive and contactless method for measuring the thermal diffusivity. The photothermal mirage technique is a good candidate for this purpose.

  • Applications of thin film MEMS, NEMSMicroelectronic device
  • Thermal diffusivity of thin film Process dependentComplex microstructure Microscale phenomena

Carrier scattering mechanisms in thin films [K.E Goodson, 1999]

Comparison of theory (line) and experimental (dot) data of the in-phase and out-of-phase components of mirage signal for chromium/quartz

Comparison of size effect on thermal conductivity